This page contains text of comments, lore-related, made by Blizzard employees, authors of official books, or other authoritative sources, on the World of Warcraft forums or other reputable websites.

From the WoW Forums


Date: 14 February 2012 WoW Forums post by Nyorloth

“They do not die; they do not live. They are outside the cycle.”

Perhaps to actually destroy something that lives outside of time and space, life and death, you would have to erase it from existence completely? Maybe that would explain why records of the Old Gods seem to be… inconsistent? Only those on the outside would know for certain…

Idle musings, pay no heed.

Date: 09 February 2012 WoW Forums post by Nyorloth

“The souls of the undead (Forsaken, PC death knights, ghouls, etc.) are imperfectly attached to their bodies; the dark magic that sustains them is a buffer that prevents their souls from properly joining with their bodies. This is why undead feel only faint sensations of pain or discomfort from most physical stimuli, and why the Light is so painful to their existence. The primary exception to this rule are liches, as liches bind their souls to a phylactery and then use the phylactery to generate a physical form; this process is why lich bodies look nothing like their mortal bodies, and also why you have to destroy a lich’s phylactery to truly kill them.”

From Twitter

Sean Copeland

Date: 18 March 2013 Twitter post by Sean Copeland

"@Loreology Are Daemons in WCI Doomguards or a type of Doomguard as shown in the Dalaran Chess Event?"

"No lore reason, but my hunch is that the devs used a doomguard model since it's similar in appearence to old school "daemons". :)"

"@Loreology So Daemons are something different?"

"In Orcish, "dae'mon" = "twisted soul" or "demon". That said, I believe it's safe to assume daemons are demons. :)"

Date: April 2013 Twitter post by Sean Copeland

"@Loreology Do Forsaken have souls? Or are they reanimated husks? Big topic on story forums."

"IIRC, their souls are still there. They're just not as connected to their bodies as they once were. Not in a state of harmony. :)"

"@Loreology Their souls can't be human, the Forsaken are too radically different from everyone else for it to just be connection problems."

"Not all Forsaken are human. However, "souls" in this case isn't race specific. That "connection" lore is canonical via Metzen. :)"

Date: 8 March 2014 Twitter post by Sean Copeland

"They contain fel magic, but they aren't "the" source. The nature of this magic is created from destroying something else. :)"

Date: 8 March 2014 Twitter post by Sean Copeland

"Think "Burn life to create" kind of thing. :)"