Search Shatter Scar Vale in Felwood for the remains of Kroshius. When you locate the remains, use the Fel Fire near them and await Kroshius' return. When the infernal has awoken, slay him and take from his corpse Kroshius' Infernal Core.

Return Kroshius' Infernal Core to Niby the Almighty in Felwood.

  • [Kroshius' Infernal Core]: 0/1

Quest Text

Kroshius lays [sic] in a heap to the northeast, in the Shatter Scar Vale. Take this Fel fire and use it on his remains. The fire should reanimate the fallen infernal.

At this point, I fully expect him to kill you and your minion.

If by some miracle you happen to kill Kroshius, take his infernal core and return it to Niby.


When you turn in the quest Niby states:

Niby the Almighty says: Stand back! Stand clear! The infernal will need to be given a wide berth! Niby the Almighty says: BOW DOWN TO THE ALMIGHTY! BOW DOWN BEFORE MY INFERNAL DESTRO... chicken? Impsy rolls on the floor laughing. Impsy says: Niby, you're an idiot. Niby the Almighty says: Silence, servant! Vengeance will be mine! Death to Stormwind! Death by chicken!

Quest Progression

  1. [50] What Niby Commands
  2. [55] Flawless Fel Essence
  3. [55] Kroshius' Infernal Core

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Patch changes

Patch 2.3.0 (2007-11-13): Quest text changed from, "At this point, I fully expect him to kill you and any friends that you may have brought along - and trust me, you will want to bring along some friends."Kroshius is no longer elite.

Patch 1.4.0 (2005-05-05): Added.